Leica Monochrom M, APO-Summicron 50mm, f2.0, ISO 640, exposures at 1/125 (top) and 1/90 second (bottom), as selected by the camera meter. I had even set a -2/3 stop offset to tame the highlights on other shots, making the dancers even darker. Since the meter exposed for the lighted stage behind the dancers, it appeared on the camera LCD that these were probably lost shots. But in Lightroom, a few simple (but rather extreme) adjustments rescued the images: Exposure +1.90, Contrast -25, Highlights -100, Shadows +100, Whites +31, Blacks -31, Clarity +20, Sharpening 50, Masking 50, Luminance Noise 50.

left is the original image, right is adjusted. Monochrom images are really malleable!