World War I

"The Great War" from 1914 to 1918 was one of fixed fortifications, massive armies, and heavy artillery barrages. What developed from all of this was a murderous stalemate on the western front that consumed men and materials in unprecedented quantities. The war developed into a logistics battle and did not end until German resources were so depleted that they surrendered. Western front galleries include artillery damage, trenches, firing positions, forts, and destroyed villages; plus cemeteries and other memorials.

An ill-fated attempt to circumvent the bloody trench warfare was the Australia, New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) invasion of the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey in April 1915. A result of wishful thinking by the allied powers, the aim was to force Turkey out of the war and outflank the other enemy powers. The campaign was poorly planned and executed, and faced by an inferior, but well led, Turkish force. It ended in a bloody, disastrous failure. Gallipoli photos are included from the 100th anniversary ANZAC ceremony aboard the Cunard Queen Elizabeth on 24 April 2015. The ship was anchored in ANZAC cove just off Gallipoli for the ceremony.