Forced labor camp near Weiden, Germany, near the Czech border. It was set up at this location so that the nearby granite could be quarried for massive Nazi building projects. The camp contained the usual mixture of political prisoners, criminals, homosexuals, jews, and Jehovah's Witnesses -- anyone the regime considered as "enemies of the Reich." During the war, about 100 sub-camps were established to support arms production. The camp also gained notoriety as an execution site for Soviet Prisoners of War, Polish resistance fighters, clandestine anti-Nazi German "traitors", and Special Operations Executive Allied military officers. As American forces approached the camp in April 1945, the SS began a forced death march of some 22,000 inmates; about 7,000 of them didn't make it to the Dachau destination. When the camp was finally liberated on April 23rd, only about 1,600 ill and dying remained.  Link. Map